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Instance Analyser 4

Manage. Schedule. Burst. Search.

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Instance Management 


Indent All your instance management needs on a high performance multi threaded platform.
Indent Pause, resume, delete, highlight, filter, move, publish, compare.    
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Indent Need to schedule a single report with thousands of parameter values?
Indent Need to link each report with varying destination data such as email?
Indent Our Burst Wizard is the solution.
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Indent Flexible new scheduling interface supports complex schedules of any number of objects.
Indent Reschedule in batch with full editing.
Indent Minimize your scheduling time!
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Indent Quickly find the instances you need with a powerful search engine.
Indent Support for date ranges, types, formats, email, database and much more.
Indent Store your complex search critera as 'search folders'!
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